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The Ultimate in Breathability

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Whether you need a little or a lot, The Northern Guide by Waterfowl Wading Systems has you covered

Functionality and innovation characterize this multi-featured line assembled with the finest materials right here in the U.S.A. Northern Guide Waders come in three styles, each designed to overachieve every hour they’re on the job. The advanced new Northern Guide Bootfoot waders offer HD Soft material combined with our CaddisDry™ fabric for maximum comfort. Large hand warmer pockets and easy-access ammo pockets on the chest offer security and convenience. Our Front Zipper model incorporates a full upper body length, waterproof zipper for increased ventilation when you're working hard, and fast access when you’ve had too much coffee. For varied climates, consider Northern Guide All Weather Breathable. Warm and comfortable on cold mornings, dry and breathable after the sun rises and the air warms. It also features a built in storm jacket, tucked neatly into a pouch on the back, for those unexpected showers. In all cases, Northern Guide waders feature reinforced knees and seats, triple sealed seams and high-density rubber soles.

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